Dry PA Hire from Spectrum PA Hire

Ideal for professionals looking to hire pieces of equipment.
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Dry Hire Details

ItemModel DescriptionQty available Per item per day Per week
Speaker/ MonitorJBL SRX 71212" Passive Full range Top Speaker or Monitor8£30£90
SpeakerJBL SRX 71515" Passive Full range Top Speaker 8£30£90
Bass BinJBL SRX 71818" Passive Full range Bass Bin9£30£90
SpeakerJBL SRX 72215" Passive Full range 3 Way Speaker2£30£90
Speaker/ MonitorJBL PRX 61515" Active Full range Top Speaker 4£30£90
Speaker/ MonitorYamaha R1212" Passive Full range Top Speaker or Monitor4£25£75
SpeakerJBL VRX 93215" Passive Line Array Speakers4£45£135
Power AmplifierChevin A1000350w @ 8 ohms Power Amplifier2£15£45
Power AmplifierChevin A2000350w @ 8 ohms Power Amplifier2£20£60
Power AmplifierChevin A3000500w @ 8 ohms Power Amplifier2£25£75
Power AmplifierCrown XTI 4000650w @ 8 ohms Power Amplifier2£30£90
Power AmplifierCrown XTI 4002i650w @ 8 ohms Power Amplifier2£35£105
Power AmplifierCrown XTI 6002i1200w @ 8 ohms Power Amplifier2£40£120
Crossoverdbx 223xXLR Compatible crossover2£15£45
Mixing DeskBeringher 1212 Channel Mixing Desk1£20£60
Mixing DeskYamaha LS916 Channel Digital desk1£40£120
Mixing DeskBeringher X32 32 Channel Digital desk1£50£150
Mixing DeskBeringher X Air16 Channel Digital mixing console1£30£90
MicrophoneShure SM58 Flat response vocal Microphone2£5£15
MicrophoneAKG D5Hypercardiod Microphone6£5£15
MicrophoneBD XG 58Flat response vocal Microphone2£5£15
MicrophoneShure SM57 Flat response instrument Microphone8£5£15
MicrophoneShure Beta 52a Kick Drum Microphone1£5£15
MicrophoneAKG D112Kick Drum Microphone6£5£15
MicrophoneSenhieser e604Clip on Tom Drum Microphone3£5£15
MicrophoneAudix F-SeriesClip on Tom Drum Microphone3£5£15
DI BoxVariousVarious DI Boxes8£5£15
Stage LoomPulse32/8 Stage loom 30 metres 1£20£60
Stage Loom 24/6 Stage loom 30 metres on drum1£20£60
Stage LoomAdam Hall24/4 Stage loom 20 metres on drum1£20£60
Microphone Stand K&M 2310 Long boom stand6£2£6
Microphone Stand PulseShort boom stand9£2£6
Speaker StandsMillenium2 x Lightweight Boom speaker stands1£4£12
Record DecksTechnics Technics 1210 record decks2£20£60
CDJsPioneerMK 1000s MK 2 CDJs4£20£60
MixerPioneerDJM 250 Two channel mixer1£20£60
Decks and MixerTechnics / Pioneer2 x Technics 1210s & Pioneer DJM 250 in Coffin flight case1£50£150
Smoke Machine Smoke Machine with fuel1£25£75
Lazer Small Lazer Projecting Patterns1£20£60
Stage LightsVariousParr 54 Portable Stage Lights 10+£5£15
XLR CableVan Damme Van Damme Tour Grade XLR 8 metre50+£2£6
Speakon CableVan Damme Van Damme Speakon Cable 20 metre 20+£4£12

Prices are based on pick up and return to Wrexham within specified timeframe and subject to our standard terms and conditions.

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